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Reoccurring anti-social behaviour forces Ógras Centre Coasliand to make public plea

Ógras Centre Youth Club Coalisland have taken to social media to ‘raise awareness’ of the anti-social behaviour which has been plaguing the facility for some time.

The centre have made public CCTV footage of the most recent activity in the hopes that it will act as a deterrent and discourage future offences.

A spokesperson for the centre commented: “We are constantly dealing with this issue, with young people from the site beside the Parochial hall, entering on quads and using the car park as a race track, they continue to do significant damage to the grassed areas, and we are fed up, with the financial pressures we are currently under we cannot continue to fix these acts of vandalism, this service is for young people to enjoy and be safe, this is also a health and safety issue.

“We are asking politely for these young people to desist with this behaviour if this continues we will have no option but to report this issue.”

Despite the evident damage which has been caused to the centre’s grassed areas – and the resulting financial pressure the damage has created, the centre are keen to bring about peaceful resolution with minimal upset, stating in a plea to the public: “Please do not comment under this post we don’t want to demonise young people, this is to make awareness and simply ask that it stops and that no-one gets hurt. Thank-you”.

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