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Acknowledgement for the late Christopher Loughran (Cookstown)

Loughran, Christopher. The family of the late Christopher Loughran (R.I.P) who passed away on 26th March 2021 wish to express their heartfelt thanks to all of those who sympathised with them in their recent bereavement.

Thanks to everyone who called at the wake, sent mass and sympathy cards, sent flowers and attended the funeral.
A special word of thanks to our relatives and friends who helped us during the wake.

To the doctors and nurses of Antrim area hospital, Loy Medical Centre and in particular to the many wonderful nurses and care assistants at Weaver’s House Cookstown for the care daddy received during his lengthy illness.

To Niall A Loughran funeral directors for the professional and caring way they carried out the funeral arrangements.

A special word of thanks to Eamon Quinn (Deacon) who visited daddy many times in Weaver’s House and held his hand through many challenging years. And for his beautiful eulogy at daddy’s funeral. Thanks also to Father Boyle for celebrating Requiem Mass.

Heartiest thanks to Gerry Loughran and Jackie Fox for their beautiful singing throughout the mass.

Whilst we would love to, it would be impossible to thank everyone personally who were so kind to us. We trust that this acknowledgment will be accepted by all as a token of our sincere appreciation.

Christopher Loughran’s months mind mass will be held on Saturday 24th April in Holy Trinity Church Cookstown at 6pm.

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