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Man detained by police after shouting ‘Up the RA’ during Moy Remembrance Day service

A man who shouted ‘Up the RA’ during a Remembrance Day Service in Moy was issued with a Community Resolution Notice.

The individual was detained by police at the roadside after trying to make a getaway when confronted by a local DUP councillor.

Dungannon councillor, Clement Cuthbertson, said that the incident occurred shortly after he had arrived at the War Memorial in the village, in advance of the parade arriving.

He explained: “Someone appeared on the grass bank on the opposite site of the road with a mobile phone in his hand and shouted “up the RA”, in an aggressive threatening manner towards everyone standing.

“I immediately crossed the road towards him and the offender jumped into the passenger seat of a car and attempted to make off. Thankfully a police car was driving nearby and I waved the officers down. They then made excellent work by stopping the car on the Main Street. I want to praise the officers on duty for their swift actions detaining the vehicle.”

Councillor Cuthbertson said the event was further marred by another individual who caused a disturbance during the Act of Remembrance.

“Police were alert to this and the individual retreated into licensed premises in the Square to hide,” said the Dungannon representative.

“The sheer ignorance of these individuals to what Remembrance Day represents is disappointing. The names of individuals on the Moy War Memorial are from both sides of the community. Yet we have those who feel the need to chant support for cowardly murdering terrorists who bombed and butchered men, women and children regardless of their faith or political background.

“Republican elected representatives in Mid Ulster are to blame for this rising bitter hatred towards the Protestant Unionist Community in the Dungannon area. From councillors awarding civic receptions to offenders of singing such hatred, to the Mid Ulster MLA who attempted to justify the bloody terrorist campaign.

“Let’s be clear – there was always an alternative to bloodshed and we won’t permit history to be re-written. I challenge these same elected representatives to condemn this latest incident of sectarian hatred.”

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