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Mid Ulster Council urged to capitalise on Executive’s use of Dungannon

Ranfurly House Dungannon

A Dungannon councillor has implored Mid Ulster District Council to take full advantage of the Northern Ireland’s Executive’s use of Dungannon’s Hill of the O’Neill for its COVID-19 press briefings.

Speaking during a meeting of Council’s development committee, Councillor Walter Cuddy said the Executive’s decision to hold its COVID-19 press briefings at The Hill of The O’Neill/Ranfurly House is a great opportunity to highlight Dungannon as a place for people to visit.

“I look at the way the Hill of the O’Neill and Ranfurly House is being used at present,” said Cllr Cuddy.

“We have the First and deputy First Minister up on the Castle Hill almost every night. All of us would know where they are but very few people outside of Mid Ulster would.

“This is a real opportunity to try and show one of our main sites in Mid Ulster and I am just appealing to our senior management team to see if they could try and get some Mid Ulster District Council signs in there somewhere.

“People will be wondering where this is and I think we are missing a trick here.”

Council’s Chief Executive, Adrian McCreesh said Council have tried to do what they can to advertise the location of the press conferences.

“We have tried to maximise the opportunity and you will notice, based on the wind, they move about a bit but we can try again,” said Mr McCreesh.

Council’s head of culture and arts, Tony McCance explained that anytime they use the site, they do make reference to where they are.

“Everytime they have used it they do make reference to the fact they are in Dungannon,” said Mr McCance.

“People will know that is where they are, they might not know the actual location of it but they certainly know they are at the Hill of the O’Neill or they are at Dungannon when they make their announcements.”

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