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Norsh: The perfect raw treat for your pampered pooches with benefits you’ll be thrilled by

Let’s face it, your dogs are not just a friendly companion they are also a part of the family and in most cases the most spoiled.

We are all guilty of perhaps treating our furry friends a little too much or simply feeding them off our own plate, even though we know we shouldn’t.

Despite this, everyone wants the best for their pets, which includes feeding them the most nutritious food possible.

The past few years have seen a rise in many turning to a raw food diet for their pooches, which has benefits including shinier coats, healthier teeth and better overall health.

That is one of the things that has led Dungannon based Mackle Petfoods to create their latest range, Norsh, all-natural raw freeze-dried treats made with human grade meat and fish with quick frozen fruit and vegetables.

Speaking to Armagh I, marketing manager Gemma Herdman said that for owner John Mackle the nutrition and health benefits of the food are the most important factor in what he produces.

“John follows emerging marketing trends internationally closely; the freeze dried raw phenomenon was growing rapidly in the States so it was something that he wanted to get on board with,” Gemma explained.

“It is a very new product for customers over here, so there is a lot of education to be done around freeze drying and what it means.”

Through their website Norsh have attempted to easily explain this new method of food production, in which raw ingredients are frozen then moisture is drawn out slowly and gently before being packaged up.

“A lot of people are dubious about moving their pets to a raw food diet. I think that is where Norsh is a stepping stone as it has gone through that freeze dry process,” said Gemma.

Talking about the health benefits, Gemma stated that Norsh and it’s ingredients help to support healthy coats and skin and well as aiding energy delivery.

She added: “Not to get into too much graphic detail, but if more good stuff is going in less bad stuff is going out. As we like to deem it ‘more pick-up-able poos’.”

People are more and more conscious about what is in the food they feed their pets, well with Norsh it is pretty simple.

Their salmon twirls are made of pure 100% salmon, whilst their chicken treats are 80% natural free-run chicken with the remainder being fruit and veg.

Gemma commented: “One of the biggest things people have to think about when it comes to a raw diet is how to store the food and keep it fresh, but this way the treat is preserved whilst remaining raw and sealed in a compostable bag for freshness.”

Norsh teamed up with a company called PaperWise who make the compostable packaging from agricultural waste (leaves and stems) with 100% green energy.

So what are you waiting for, pick your pooch up a pouch of Norsh!

To find out more you can check out the Norsh website.

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