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Seven fires reported in Dungannon in two weeks – including at houses under construction

Police in Dungannon are appealing for information in relation to a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

In the past two weeks we have received seven reports of deliberate fires at various locations across the town.

A fire was started at a derelict building on Donaghmore Road on the evening of Sunday, October 4 and two further fires have been reported at houses under construction at Brookfield Avenue in the past two days.

On several other occasions bins have been set alight and bonfires lit and when firefighters have attended to extinguish the fires they have been subjected to attacks by stone throwers.

Inspector Gibson from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “This is not acceptable. These fires not only put those responsible for lighting them at risk, they also endanger anyone in the vicinity and put emergency services under unnecessary pressure.

“It is vital that the people who choose to engage in anti-social behaviour understand that it is unacceptable and it must stop. We don’t want anyone injured or worse.

“Parents and guardians need to have an active role in preventing young people from becoming involved or caught up in these activities. Know where your children are, who they are with, what they are doing and what they are arranging on their social media accounts.

“I would ask anyone who witnesses any ongoing anti-social behaviour to contact police on 101 at the earliest opportunity to enable officers to respond immediately.”

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