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Family delighted for “incredibly humble” New Year Honours recipient Norman Wilson

Former Cookstown farmer turned furniture magnate, Norman Wilson has been awarded the MBE in the King Charles’ first New Year Honours List for his services to business and community.

Norman, of CFC Interiors fame, started the business in 1975 with the support of his loving wife, Arlene and has since enjoyed almost 50 years of customer-focused service.

Daughter Helen spoke to Tyrone I of her father’s delight: “He is absolutely overwhelmed but delighted. We are all blown away by the sheer volume of well wishes he has received from the public since he was awarded the MBE.

Never one to hog the spotlight, Helen explained that her father is a naturally “down to earth” person who “never seeks glory” but who is passionate about bolstering community spirit.

Helen said: “He has an incredible way with his employees and is just such an inspiration to so many people through his hard work and determination. He always has time for people and will take personal time for everyone he meets whether it’s just a quick well wish or a hello!

“With Killymoon Bespoke Living, Dad has taken people in with zero experience and trained them up to Master Upholsterer. He has taken people on from all over, from different parts of the community and different parts of the world”.

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Keen to utilise his business success for the good, Helen explains that Norman, through CFC Interiors and Killymoon Bespoke Living conducts “constant charity work” through fundraising, donations and raffles.

As humble as her father Helen said: “It’s just small things such as raffles but it’s the sheer volume! We would often try to help out schools in the local area and community groups. We recently did a larger fundraiser for Ukraine to send essentials and medications out and that was an all hands on deck effort to organise everything”.

Whilst, all the attention is something Norman is patently not used to, Helen said that his family and friends are all delighted to see that he has received recognition for a lifetime of hard work.

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