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Calls to address shocking spate of anti-social behaviour in Omagh

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has heard concerns of shocking: “anti-social behaviour, harassment and criminality” taking place close to a Covid testing centre and a number of homes.

The issue was raised by Sinn Fein’s Councillor Barry McElduff who called for an urgent inter-agency meeting to tackle the problem head-on.

He told members: “This is worse at weekends. It takes place literally metres from the Covid test centre and the Grange Park as well as the Grange Council Offices. I have been contacted by residents and other witnesses, including people who have just come from undergoing Covid tests, as well as staff members there. Enough is enough.”

Councillor McElduff called for an inter-agency response by council, the Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), and PSNI, aimed at protecting the small number of local residents and: “Putting a stop to what is taking place. There are speeding in cars, vile behaviour including threats, insults, abusive language and gestures directed a residents. There is urinating in the public carpark, general bullying and even drug dealing in recent weeks. The problem is of such a frequency now that we need action.”

Chief Executive Alison McCullagh advised council has progressed matters with police and other colleagues on this matter. In addition “quite significant “changes are pending for Grange Park and Lisanelly Avenue.

Ms McCullagh added: “I recently spoke with our District Commander in relation to problems at this area and I am happy to follow this up as requested.”

Seconding, Councillor Errol Thompson, Democratic Unionist said: “I have also raised this with senior police in Omagh and senior council officers. Everyone is well aware of it and Omagh town councillors have made representations on it on behalf of residents living there.”

Supporting the move, Independent Councillor Josephine Deehan stated she was: “Saddened the anti-social behaviour is continuing. I feel we do need urgent resolution to the problem for the sake of the quality of life for the residents who live nearby.”

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